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LTI Project
Wallenius Wilhelmsen


Design of the new Group Long Term Incentive Program in close collaboration with the Group Executive Management. The project entailed the design and implementation of a new Group Performance Share program, including financial measures & targets, participant benchmarking and T&C.

The Project

Design a new Group Performance Share Program

Project objectives:

  • Has a simple to administer plan design with clear line of sight of WW’s long terms strategic goals

  • Is based on a performance share LTI model to ensure stakeholder alignment.

  • Has clear performance measures that ensures profitability for WW – both in upside as well as downturn scenarios.

  • Ensures an improved participant engagement through simplicity and clear communication of incentive proposition and performance requirement.

  • The 1st draft of a program design should be ready for RemCo presentation by mid September 2022, with the aim of approval of final program design mid December ‘22 – followed by initial participant communication by end 2022.

  • Implementation and communication of the new WW LTI program will be conducted during 1st quarter of 2023 – prior to the next AGM in April 2023.

Delivered Project outcome:

  • Assisted to plan and participate in GEM and RemCo meetings.

  • Consolidated the outcome and decisions from planning meetings, GEM and RemCo meetings.

  • Consolidated and prepared the final design document, including all key elements of the new LTI plan design.

  • Prepared draft Implementation & communications plans.

  • Reviewed and made recommendations for update of existing and new plan documents, communication materials and system setup.

  • Supported the planning of launch procedures and participant town hall meetings.

(The project was delivered in partnership with Nordic Reward Partners)

Project process steps
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