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The Reward Firm ApS
General Terms and Conditions
Version: 1.02 – 23rd May 2024

1.    Definitions

1.1.    These General Terms and Conditions set out the terms and conditions that govern any business relation between a client and The Reward Firm ApS (CVR 44519232) as the service provider when a client acquires services from The Reward Firm.

1.2.    ”Terms and Conditions” means the terms and conditions as set out in this document, and amended from time to time.

1.3.    For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions, the terms “TRF”, “service provider”, “our”, “we” or “us” refer to The Reward Firm ApS and “you”, “your” or “client” refers to the company you work for and you acting on behalf of the company you work for.


1.4.    “Services” means for the purpose of these terms and conditions professional Services, analysis, surveys and benchmarking of employee data provided to service provider by client.

1.5.    “Product” means for the purpose of these terms and conditions, the analytical or statistical output presented in a report or any other media, generated by analysis, survey or benchmarking of employee data provided to service provider by the client.

2.    General Terms and Conditions


2.1.    Application and Binding Nature of Terms and Conditions.

2.1.1.    Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully as they govern the business relationship between the client and the service provider in all instances and will be enforced with the same effect as a legally binding contract between the parties. 

2.1.2.    By confirming an offer for Services to be provided by the service provider in an order confirmation, you accept these Terms and Conditions and agree to their formally binding nature in your business relation with TRF.

2.2.    Modifications to Terms and Conditions.

2.2.1.    We reserve the right to modify these Terms and Conditions. You will not be informed directly of any such modifications of these Terms and Conditions. You should therefore always refer to this document available from for the current Terms and Conditions.


2.3.    Intellectual Property Rights.

2.3.1.    Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall be interpreted as a transfer of right, including any intellectual property rights, from TRF to you. 

2.3.2.    The content of the website,, and any material or other output which is generated from us when providing our Services to you, including any exhaust data, remains the property of TRF. 


2.3.3.    All trademarks, service marks, trade names, logos and all other content displayed on the website and as part of the Products provided to you by us, are protected by applicable legislation regarding intellectual property rights, including trademark laws and copyright laws.

2.3.4.    The client agrees to let TRF reference the client by name and publish the name of the client on the website:

2.3.5.    The client’s use of any materials, Services or Products provided by TRF is exclusively intended for the client’s internal use and must not be used by client as part of providing i.e. professional Services to the client’s own clients. Therefore, the client is not permitted to distribute any of the materials provided by TRF either in part or in whole (e.g. for renting, copying or disclosure) to any third party, irrespective of the means and purpose, including for the purpose of storage in an internal IT system, without the prior written approval of TRF.

2.4.    Payment Terms.

2.4.1.    The Product passes to the client only on payment of the agreed price as set out in the order confirmation between the parties.


2.4.2.    Unless otherwise specified in the agreement, payment is made on delivery of the Product.


2.4.3.    Prices are stated in Danish kroner (DKK) excluding VAT.

2.4.4.    The client shall pay any invoice no later than by the due date stated in the invoice, which pertains to the specified Services or Products provided to the client by TRF. 


2.4.5.    Reminders are issued on overdue payment, and in case of continued non-payment, the claim may be handed over to a debt collection company for recovery of owed fees. 

2.5.    Marketing

2.5.1.    The parties to the service or project have a mutual right to use each other’s name for marketing purposes. Upon completion of the project, TRF is allowed to use the project in marketing material in the form of, for example, case examples and online client case descriptions, possibly with a statement from the Client.

2.6.    Confidentiality.

2.6.1.    TRF will treat all data, including personal data, as confidential in all aspects of providing Services to the client.


2.6.2.    We will not disclose or otherwise make available any raw data, whether in whole or in part, to any third party other than authorized personnel employed or sub-contracted with us. 


2.6.3.    Mandatory disclosure.    This section 2.5 of the Terms and Conditions does not prevent us from disclosing any confidential information as part of a mandatory disclosure to fulfil our obligations to supply information for the purpose of complying with any law or court order.

2.6.4.    Exceptions.    The confidentiality obligation set out in section 2.5 will not apply to any confidential information that:


(a) is independently developed by TRF without reference to confidential information provided by you,


(b) is generally available to the public,


(c) to which you have agreed to free of confidentiality restrictions in writing.

2.7.    Limitation of Liability.

2.7.1.    TRF disclaims any and all liability for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, punitive, and special or other damages, lost opportunities, lost profit or any other loss or damage of any kind (whether incurred by the client or a third party) relating to any use, including distribution, of the Product.


2.7.2.    All parts of the Product are provided “as-is” and TRF does not provide any guarantees with respect to the completeness or correctness of any raw data used to provide the Services to the client.


2.7.3.    TRF accepts no financial liability for the client’s direct or indirect damages or losses, if any, including the loss of profit on the part of the client, damages or losses on the part of the client’s joint contractors, if any, as a result of statistical errors or errors due to processing of the statistics or as a result of delayed delivery of the Product.


2.7.4.    In no event shall the total aggregate liability of TRF to the client for damages of any nature that may arise out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions, exceed DKK 10.000.

2.8.    Indemnification.

2.8.1.    Subject to any applicable law, the client agrees to indemnify, defend and hold TRF harmless from and against all claims, losses, liabilities and expenses arising from the client’s violation of any term of these Terms and Conditions; or the client’s infringement of any third party’s right, including any patent claim, copyright, trademark, trade secret right, other property right as stated by regulatory instrument or by agreement with a third party; or the client’s infringement of data protection laws, including the GDPR.

2.9.    Termination.

2.9.1.    Each party may terminate the order confirmation if the other party fails to comply with or neglects its obligations as set out under these Terms and Conditions, and fails to remedy the situation within 30 days of the other party’s written request, which includes by way of payment reminder.


2.9.2.    Termination of one order confirmation for material default will not entitle the client to terminate any other order confirmation, which is not subject to material default.


2.9.3.    All provisions of these Terms and Conditions, which by their nature shall survive termination, including but not limited to ownership provisions, disclaimers, indemnity and limitation of liability shall remain enforceable upon termination. 

2.10.    Governing Law and Venue.

2.10.1.    These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Denmark.


2.10.2.    Any dispute arising out of or in relation to these Terms and Conditions shall be decided by the Danish Courts in Lyngby, Denmark, provided that the dispute cannot be solved amicably.

3.    Data Privacy

3.1.    Each party to the contract will comply with the data protection legislation, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and related regulations, applicable to itself, in relation to any personal information shared in connection with the contract.


3.2.    Personal information should not be provided unless required for the performance of the contract.

3.3.    If required in accordance with GDPR, a data processing agreement is entered into separately as part of the contract.

3.4.    When receiving raw data from the client, TRF will make the necessary measures to ensure that these data are stored securely, from which data storage TRF produces statistical and analytical output used to provide Services and Products to the client.

3.5.    Additional information about how TRF processes personal information is set out in TRF Privacy Policy, available here: TRF Data Privacy Policy

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