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Professional Profile
Executive Advisor
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The Reward Firm is founded by Morten Broekner, who has worked solely within the compensation and benefits profession for 20+ years, in a number of larger international organizations.

Morten has created and deployed successful strategies on the enterprise level, bringing simplicity and focus to global organizations working in complex and varied market context. He has brought documented succes and transformative change to quite a few top 50 companies in Denmark. Morten is an expert in the design of Executive Reward Models and enterprise level reward strategies. He is a leading proponent of the Total Reward model and a believer in value-based reward strategies


Key competences

  • Development, implementation and governance of group remuneration programs

  • Implementing executive remuneration governance

  • Extensive experience with design and implementation of short- and long-term incentive programs

  • Advisor to company Boards and Executive Directors

The Reward Firm
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2023-:   Executive Reward Advisor

Executive Reward Advisor providing advisory on executive reward, pay governance and general reward strategy design and deployment.


  • Foxway: Scope, design and advise on implementation and governance of a new Job Architecture model to serve as backbone for talent- & reward management

  • Gehl: Design of a new group reward philosophy, new career path and job architecture & advise on design of group short-term incentive program

  • Wallenius Wilhelmsen, Advise on extending the participant scope of the performance share program (LTIP)

  • DHI: Advice on job architecture design and reward governance

Klar Reward Agency

2022-:   Executive Reward Advisor

Executive Reward Advisor providing Advisory on Executive Reward, Pay Governance and general Reward Strategy Design and Deployment.


  • Gehl People: Design of a new Group Reward Philosophy & advise on design of group short-term incentive program.

  • Wallenius Wilhelmsen, Advise on extending the participant scope of the Performance Share Program (LTIP)

  • DHI Group: Advice on job architecture design and reward governance

  • DFDS: Advice on job architecture design, Executive Benchmark analysis and reward governance

  • Element Materials Technology: Advise and project mgt. on global total reward statement design, implementation & communication.

  • Faerch A/S: Advise on design of group short-term incentive plan.

  • Green Park Partners: Advise on design of long-term incentive plan.

  • Max Matthiessen AB: Advise on M&A due-diligence and design of short-term incentive plan

  • NOCA: Advise on the EU pay transparency directive to members

  • Nordic Capital: Advise on Reward Trends and the EU pay transparency directive to portfolio companies

  • Prospitalia Group: Reward maturity assessment and advise on design and implementation of a full new reward model

Nordic Reward Partners

2022-22:   Executive Advisor

Executive Advisor on Executive Remuneration, Reward Strategies and Pay Governance.


  • Wallenius Wilhelmsen, Design and advisory on new Performance Share Program (LTIP)

Ramboll Group A/S

2019-22:   Director, Global Rewards & Mobility

Directing and improving the global reward strategy across the Ramboll Group including policy development, program communication, strategic pay analysis, and executive reporting in line with industry leading practice principles.

  • Successfully implemented a new group-wide STI initiative for the senior leadership population from 2019 onwards.

  • Effectively rebuilt the group remuneration governance both for the general rewards delivery, as well as secretary for the board executive remuneration committee, entailing benchmarking, incentive planning and annual performance review.

  • Led the design and iterative development of an integrated compensation and benefits structure for a new US based acquisition into a new Americas organization, with new job levelling, a fully new benefits program as well as new compensation structures.

  • Implemented a renewed broad-based LTI program for the company global leadership, as well as designed & implemented a new sr. executive LTI program for 2019 onwards.

  • Demonstrated strong leadership of a globally anchored team of reward partners as well as the mobility function.

  • Contributed diligently to the development of the group human resource strategy as member of the global HR leadership team with report to the group head of human resources.

  • Led the further improvement of annual global compensation process for salary review and annual STI in Workday for the 2020 pay cycle in collaboration with numerous stakeholders.

Carlsberg Breweries A/S

2017-18:   Vice President, Compensation & Benefits in the Corporate HR function reporting to the Group CHRO.
Global responsible for Compensation & Benefits in the Carlsberg Group. Secretary for the Supervisory Board Remuneration Committee.

  • Developed and implemented an updated global STI program for the 2018 yearly cycle.

  • Developed a new group wide permanent LTI program for the sr. leadership population for 2018 and onwards.

  • Designed and implemented a new base salary process and pay governance for the 2018 salary review cycle.

  • Designed and implemented a new global benchmarking and salary setting model for the sr. leader population in 2017.

  • Overall responsible for the design and implementation of the new global compensation process for salary review and yearly STI in SuccessFactors, for the 2018 pay cycles.

Arla Foods a.m.b.a.

2011-17:   Senior Reward Director

Global responsible for Reward- & Performance Management in Arla Foods. Developing and implementing a new group wide reward strategy, incl. global and local compensation policies, title and grading structures, base salary process, STI- & LTI programs and a global benefit governance setup. Advice to the Board and the CEO on executive remuneration and secretary of the executive- and board remuneration committees.

The LEGO Group

2008-11:   Global Reward Director

Developing and implementing a new group reward strategy, incl. global and local remuneration policies, a group wide STI plan, a new executive LTI program, a new group wide base salary process as well as management of the global benefit governance. Advice to the Board and the CEO on executive remuneration and secretary for the Group Reward Committee.

Bang & Olufsen A/S

2007-08:   Group Reward Manager

Responsible for the development, implementation and governance of the group remuneration programs, grading and title structures, base salary structures, STI- and LTI programs, benefit plans as well as the group mobility policy.

Danfoss A/S

2006-07:   Senior Global Reward Manager

Responsible for designing and implementing remuneration programs for senior management and salaried employees in the European as well as the North American regions. Designing and implementing the new job & title architecture, base pay process as well as STI policy globally across the organization.

Danisco A/S (now DuPont)

2005-05:   Compensation and Benefit Specialist

Responsible for all executive remuneration programs as well as the global mobility function.

Danfoss A/S

2003-05:   Compensation Specialist and Team Leader 

Designing and implementing compensation and benefit programs for Danish salaried employees.

Educational Background

2000-02:   Aarhus School of Business

Master’s Degree (M.Sc.) in Strategy & Management / Human Resource Management, with specialization within the field of Reward Management - from the in 2002.

Other Education

2011:   WorldatWork Association

A certification as Global Remuneration Professional (GRP)

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